we differentiate between the author and the writer. the author being a profession. dan brown, jeffery archer, agatha christie, j k rowlings, lee child are all authors who publish their work for a commercial venture. they have a story and market to sell to. many people enjoy their work. it demands little from the reader, perhaps a little time and concentration and the payoff is entertaining. assimilation into the spectacle of mass consumption.

the writer however is a different animal, the writer has no choice. they are driven to write by some deep unconscious drive that propels them, often nowhere, maybe even poverty, sometimes madness. we think william burroughs, thomas liggotti, arthur rimbaud, pkd, the marquis de sade and captain mission are a few writers whom have left their word upon the world, advancing narrative forms, in the most creative and experimental ways, telling the stories no author could possibly dare consider writing and few readers would consider reading unless they wanted a deep fix.

the deep fix is not bound by political correctness and ideologies, it is not attempting to comply or conform, it beyond subjectivity and objectivity, it is quantum in nature. we do not care for critics nor do we seek acceptance, we are the disrupter that pushes into your imagination, we are not just a word virus but a global infection that undoes the mediocracy and blandness of modern publishing and its grey safe non offensive agenda.

the deep fix is the cure for disenchanted reader, those who enjoy provocation, challenge and uniqueness. the deep fix wants to publish writers.  if you think you have something interesting that falls within this manifesto contact us and we will consider your work.

publishing dangerous fictions