The Deep Fix

Captain Mission is a northern beaches recluse; his musical origins began in London where he fronted “The Blue Meanines”, a post punk new wave band. Later he relocated to West Berlin where he continued to make music with the ‘L’effant terrible’ Martin Von Donaldson.
After relocating to Sydney the captain dropped out, tuned in and turned on, following the spirit and tradition of his mentors, Alistair Crowley, Israel Regarde, Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Terence McKenna, Christopher Hyatt and Peter Carroll.
Twenty years later he picks up where he left off..making a noise and writing words.
Once upon a time there lived a bassist called Valerios Calocerinos. As a child Valerios would rewire his fathers hi-fi equipment and produce music in his bedroom using kitchen utensils.
As he grew older Valerios inevitably started playing in bands. He would record these bands and would trade these cassettes with pen friends for tapes of other underground and obscure bands from all corners of the world.
Eventually this network grew and Valerios’ projects had an outlet to be heard. Left As In Sinister was born. Left As In Sinister has released Vinyl, Cds, even compilations of other Australian bands into this underground network.
Valerios has played in bands such as Ikon, Meridian, Lemon Avenue, Recur, The Unsaid and has recently produced and plays with The Deep Fix and has produced and engineered many recordings for Australian Independent Artists.

what is the deep fix?

fear or love or reality or illusion. you choose?

the deep fix is a project conceived by captain mission in late 2007 after a head injury and related heart trauma. the results are captured and expressed in the  songs that make up the cd ‘adventures in love.’

‘adventures in love’ was an expression of joy, grief and sadness, loss and a broken heart, most of the songs relate to love in some form or another although one would not refer to them as traditional love songs.

blending electronica with various organic energies and a crew of amazingly talented people ‘adventures’ transcends style and genre and convention, and we hope gives the listener something to think about on the dance floor.


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